Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Exploding Conservative Myths

The media dutifully feels obliged to give Republicans equal air time these days. Separating fact from fiction, though, doesn't appear to be in the Fourth Estate's job description. Instead, we get he said/she said journalism, where all opinions are granted equal weight, in the interest of "balance."

From Washington, D.C. to the Idaho Statehouse, Republicans are preaching the gospel of fiscal restraint. Really?

Where was the concern six months ago for our children and grandchildren, whom we're going to saddle with debt for eternity, according to the Chicken Littles? How about for the last eight years!!!??? The U.S. Treasury reports that the national debt has grown more than $500 billion each year since fiscal year 2003.

During President Bush's eight hapless years in office, the national debt nearly doubled, to over $10 trillion. Recall the Republicans not only controlled the White House but also Congress during most of that time.

Earlier this week, business columnist Ed Lotterman offered up some more detailed historical analysis on the absurdity of Republicans assuming the mantel of fiscal restraint: "The three most recent Republican presidents oversaw deficits equal to nearly 74 percent of our [total] debt...."

The next time Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford start prattling on about fiscal responsibility, they should really be required to preface their remarks with, "We recognize that our party has no credibility on such matters, but...."

Every time we're subjected to such hypocritical pablum, voters should be reminded that THE FAILED POLICIES OF GEORGE W. BUSH AND HIS REPUBLICAN CONGRESS ARE WHAT GOT US HERE. Deregulation, a hallmark of conservative philosophy, and lax oversight played a significant role in the collapse of our financial system. Republicans had their chance and they blew it. What the United States needs right now is to invest in its people and its infrastructure and that's what Obama is trying to do.

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