Sunday, September 28, 2008

Candidate forum was missing something: Republicans

A week ago this past Thursday, I attended a legislative candidate forum sponsored by the Association for the Education of Young Children, the Idaho Women's Network, the Snake River Alliance, Idaho Equality Committee, Interfaith Alliance of Idaho, and United Vision for Idaho, among other organizations. I was there to talk about early childhood education, women's issues, human rights and a safe energy future. This was a great opportunity to address a number of issues that are important to District 19 voters (and to me) and perhaps draw some contrasts with my opponent on such issues; unfortunately my opponent was a no-show.

Why would he skip out on this forum? I can't really say for sure. Plenty of advanced warning was given about this event--at least a month, if I'm not mistaken, to free up one's calendar. No Republicans showed up, with the exception of District 17 candidate Daniel Loughrey, who was sick and called in his answers to the questions that were provided in advance. I suppose some Republicans might argue that the sponsoring groups are generally regarded as left of center and thus the cards were stacked against them. But in District 19, these groups are generally held in high regard and I would venture a guess that much of their support and membership is drawn from the district.

So why duck the issues and questions that many in the district care about most? I can only surmise that perhaps it's because the answers he would give to questions on human rights, reproductive rights, energy, and the role of faith in politics might not jibe with the values and preferences of District 19 voters.

There will be another chance to hear us go head to head on the issues this coming Wednesday (October 1), when the Boise Young Professionals will sponsor a debate between us. You can register to attend here:

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