Saturday, August 23, 2008

The corrosive effects of one-party rule

Need further evidence that Idaho's ruling party (controlling 75% of the Legislature and all statewide constitutional offices) has amassed far too much power? Check out the latest attempt to politicize Idaho Fish & Game, while at the same time carry out the governor's mandate that all state employees speak in one voice (the governor's voice). In a nutshell: state employee speaks out against a project supported by Republican legislators, legislators complain to the governor, governor then sees to it that employee (in supervisory role) is demoted.

The Idaho Press Tribune reprinted this pointed editorial from the Post Register.

Single-party rule deprives Idahoans of accountability and the open exchange of ideas and opinions. In three and a half months of door knocking, I've met almost no Republicans who disagree with me. Our democratic institutions are strengthened by checks and balances. Of course, in order to restore such checks and balances here, Idaho Democrats need to do a better job of convincing voters that we share their values and will protect and uphold the public interest rather than being beholden to special interests.

I'm making that case, one voter at a time. But I don't hesitate to remind people that the last thing our state needs right now is one more Republican in the Legislature.

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